Best Littmann Stethoscope

Best Littmann Stethoscope For cardiology, Medical Students, Doctors, Nurses in 2020

To help to make a wise decision on buying best littmann stethoscope in 2020, we have made a top rated littmann stethoscopes below.

Since the 17th century, the stethoscope has become one of the tools most widely used by different medical branches. Its main use is to easily listen to the internal sounds of the body and, mainly, the sounds of the heart, and respiratory.

In this article, we will explain what are the main factors that you should take into consideration to buy the best stethoscope, according to your needs, and we will also review, according to user opinions, which are the three best stethoscopes.

Due to the variety of models on the market, one of the main things that should be analyzed before buying a stethoscope is what is the exact use that the device will have; it all depends on your medical specialty. There are traditional stethoscopes, which are used to listen to any type of heart, lung and abdominal noise and which have the advantage of their sensitivity and their effectiveness in detecting any problem.

With the advancement of technology, electronic stethoscopes emerged. These stethoscopes are even clearer when it comes to picking up sounds; In addition, some of these devices allow sound recording and can be used as a reference.

Olives are another factor to take into consideration, this being one of the most fundamental parts of the stethoscope for receiving a good sound. The softer and softer the olives are, the better quality the stethoscope has. Its main function is to isolate external noises, and the most recommended is a comfortable texture for the examiner’s ear.

What are the best Littmann stethoscopes of 2020?

These are our top choice for the best littmann stethoscope for cardiology, medical students, doctors, and nurses in 2020.

  1. 3M Littmann classic III
  2. 3M Littmann Classic II SE
  3. The 3M Littmann Select

Below and based on a comparison made by users, we will explain and expose you the main advantages of these models and what makes them the best Littmann stethoscopes on the market, according to users.

1. 3M Littmann classic III

For users, it is one of the best stethoscopes on the market . Its main characteristic is that its membranes have a double frequency, and this allows doctors greater ease, comfort and speed to hear noises of different frequencies; with this, sounds can be easily detected, between high and low frequencies, simply by applying a little pressure on the diaphragm.

Another quality is that the device has soft and adjustable ear tips, which make it easily accommodate either ear, thus offering an acoustic sound, isolated from outside noise. This ensures good reliability at the time of any physical examination and to offer a diagnosis.

As an added feature, it has a very favorable design. In the market there are different colors for this model, thus allowing the doctor to choose the one of his preference. In addition, this stethoscope has a five-year warranty against any damage.

2. 3M Littmann Classic II SE

Like the previous model, it is rated as a very good phonendo by users. It has a fluctuating stainless steel membrane, which gives an optimal sound and at the same time, facilitates a quality and safety diagnosis, added to the resistance of said material.

Its olives are soft and adjustable, pleasant to the ear and do not mistreat. Also, it is quite light, providing the necessary comfort for daily use.

The device comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturers, for any type of damage, providing a guaranteed investment.

In sum, the equipment has a good design, with resistant materials and finishes that facilitate extending its useful life, taking into account that these are necessary aspects for a medical tool that is used daily and very frequently, and on whose results important decisions will depend. for people’s health.

3. The 3M Littmann Select

It is a somewhat basic product for more specialized branches of medicine, such as cardiology, however, it works quite well for students, nursing professionals and general medicine. It also has the ability to isolate outside sounds, so internal patient noises are heard more clearly.

The tube is made of resistant and flexible materials, for greater comfort when storing the device and placing it in a briefcase or shelf.

In addition, it is no longer made of natural rubber latex, thus benefiting users and patients allergic to this material, and even having an ecological role, which is valued by those more detailed doctors and patients.

This phonendoscope offers an easier and faster cleaning, in addition, it has greater resistance to alcohol, stains and fat produced by the body. This characteristic lengthens its duration and usefulness. In fact, it has a two-year guarantee against any damage, so users value its safe use.

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