3M Littmann 3200BK Stethoscope Review

3M Littmann 3200BK Stethoscope Review

With the 3200BK, the manufacturer 3M Littmann has brought an electronic stethoscope onto the market that impresses with its easy handling, practical reinforcement and simple design. Compared to the competition, the model primarily scores with the reinforcement and filter system and the very good workmanship. This enabled the 3M Littmann 3200BK to secure first place in the test.

3M Littmann 3200BK Stethoscope Review

Special features and functions

A little practice is required to be able to hear noticeable noises in the lungs, heart or other areas of the body with a stethoscope. Not with the 3M Littmann 3200BK. The electronic stethoscope has a modern filter and amplification system. This has the advantage that noises from the organs that are otherwise difficult to hear are immediately noticeable. Thanks to the integrated noise reduction technology, the user benefits from the fact that possible noises in the environment are reduced. This way, 85% fewer faults occur.

The frictional noise reduction technology is also ideal. This variant is a property that is located in the chest piece. It was designed so that possible friction noises can be prevented even more.

The possibility of being able to record 12 recording tracks with the stethoscope, which can have a duration of up to 30 seconds, is interesting. The electronic device is also equipped with the following properties:

  • Display of the battery capacity in several stages
  • Low battery warning
  • Very good acoustic seal
  • 3M Littmann soft ear tips for a comfortable fit
  • Soft ear tips are latex-free
  • Small sensor with a diameter of 15 mm
  • Auscultation of hard-to-reach places in children and infants through the small sensor

In order to be able to use a stethoscope effectively and successfully, it must have a very good fit. With the 3M Littmann 3200BK, the ear hooks can be optimally adapted to your own needs thanks to the spring tension. This creates a very good acoustic seal. The model itself has a very resistant material, so that it has a long shelf life even with regular use.

Reasons for use and for whom the stethoscope is suitable

The stethoscope was primarily developed for use in cardiology , as it has a particularly high output and very good acoustic performance. Thanks to the removable and cleanable membranes, it can also be cleaned hygienically and effectively after use in the clinic. In addition, it has noise reduction, which makes it possible to use it in noisy areas – such as the emergency room.

The 3M Littmann 3200BK can also be used outside of cardiology, for example in pulmonology or in the field of pediatric medicine. Thanks to the particularly robust hose, which is flexible and resistant, the stethoscope can withstand regular use. However, the strong resistance to alcohol, skin oils and lotions also ensures that the device can be used, for example, in classic medical practices.

The hose material does not contain any rubber latex. Rubber latex is known to cause allergic reactions in very sensitive people.


As already briefly mentioned, the 3M Littmann 3200BK is a professional stethoscope that was primarily developed for direct use in medicine. Thanks to the integrated technologies, it can amplify possible noises in the individual body areas and thus make diagnostics easier.

Thanks to the integrated display of the battery status and the ability to store the noises, it can also be used in long-term diagnostics for individual patients or at home for self-monitoring.

Price-performance ratio

The 3M Littmann 3200BK is not a classic stethoscope, but a variant with special properties. These also have their price. The model belongs to the higher-priced class in the three-digit range. However, the price-performance ratio can also be described as very good. This is due to the fact that the properties of this stethoscope, compared to other models, make the examinations more convenient and make the detection of abnormalities even easier.

It is important to have as few noises as possible in the environment, especially when performing diagnostics or partial diagnostics with a stethoscope. However, this cannot always be prevented. Thanks to the integrated technology, the Littmann model excludes 85% of the noises and thus reduces the risk of not hearing abnormalities, as they are drowned out by the external volume.

The field of application in cardiology is specified by the manufacturer. With the background knowledge that this is a device from the high-performance area, the view of the price-performance ratio changes again. The stethoscope therefore performs particularly well.

Customer opinions – what do buyers say about the stethoscope?

The stethoscope can do very well with buyers and receives a good to very good rating. Above all, the quality of the device itself is emphasized again and again. The model is easy to use and functions optimally. Here it is also clear from the customer opinions that a particularly great advantage can be seen in the fact that background noise is greatly reduced in the model.

The point that coupling via Bluetooth with other devices is seen as an interesting aspect. This should enable diagnostics to be carried out even better. The amplifier, which is integrated in the model, makes it much easier, according to customer opinions, to hear and identify possible noises.

Our conclusion on the test

The 3M Littmann 3200BK is a high quality stethoscope that is provided with really professional equipment. Since this is an electronic model, it naturally has numerous functions that cannot be found in a classic model. In addition to the possibility of eliminating background noise as much as possible, there is also the option of saving recordings. This enables the recordings to be compared with one another.

Developed for use in cardiology, you get a really high quality with this model. If you are looking for a stethoscope that not only offers the possibility of superficially looking for conspicuous noises, the 3M Littmann 3200BK is a very good choice. If, on the other hand, you need a simple solution, our second place can also represent an optimal variant.

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